System warranty

NIKOMAX Limited, the owner and quality guarantor of NIKOMAX product, can provide a 25-year System Warranty directly to the end user of Structured Cabling System installed. The key point of System Warranty is that NIKOMAX Limited offers product and applications assurance of compliance with the industry performance standard appropriate to the class of cabling installed within 25-year period from the date of issue of Warranty Certificate.

Warranty obligations

Conditions for Application of Warranty

The NIKOMAX structured cabling system is a subject for System Warranty if the following requirements are met:

  • Designing, installation and certification testing was effected by NIKOMAX Certified Installer;
  • Only cabling system components manufactured by NIKOMAX were implemented into the Customer’s system;
  • NIKOMAX components are to be purchased from the NIKOMAX Authorized Partner, who has the right to provide extended warranty for them;
  • NIKOMAX Limited confirmed that all the forms are filled in correctly and test results are in compliance with specified standards;
  • NIKOMAX SCS owner was issued the certificate confirming the proper design of the project, installation quality and link compliance with international ISO/IEC 11801-2002 Standard.

NIKOMAX Warranty Seal


Warranty obligations become null and void under the following conditions:

  • Necessary requirements of warranty obligation were violated;
  • Any components’ defects or whole SCS malfunction is resulted from mechanical, thermal, chemical or any other impacts on SCS NIKOMAX component and force majeure (flood, fire, etc.);
  • SCS NIKOMAX malfunction is resulted from faulty operation.

Rights of the SCS NIKOMAX owner

During operation of installed and certified NIKOMAX SCS, its owner is entitled to the following activities:

  • To connect high-speed active equipment at the interface point of SCS by dint of patch-cords, which are on the list of NIKOMAX components and to connect medium-speed equipment by dint of patch-cords, which are included in the standard complete set;
  • Patching and repatching of signal transmission paths by dint of patch-cords, which are on the list of NIKOMAX components;
  • To involve the NIKOMAX certified Installer for expanding or making any changes into NIKOMAX SCS.

Implementing procedure of warranty obligations

While implementing SCS NIKOMAX warranty obligations, the correction of malfunction is effected by Installer-company, that installed NIKOMAX SCS. The correction is free of charge, if production defect of component(s) of SCS is/are discovered and if there are any mistakes in SCS installation, made by Installer-company and resulted in the violation of the SCS specifications declared.

NIKOMAX Limited directly carries out the warranty obligations activities or involves another Certified Installer in the work in case, if Certified Installer ceased its activities or, if the business relationship between NIKOMAX Limited and Certified Installer ended for one reason or another (severance of partner relations at the initiative of one party or another). If any warranty case occurs, the owner of SCS NIKOMAX should contact Certified Installer, who installed NIKOMAX SCS. If Certified Installer lacks the authority to perform warranty obligation or any other case, one should contact NIKOMAX Limited. If any complaint arises, the experts of Certified Installer or from NIKOMAX Limited will determine the cause of malfunction and inform the SCS owner about the results accordingly. If the detected malfunction is the subject for warranty obligation, the Certified Installer or NIKOMAX Limited will repair it.

NIKOMAX Warranty certificate