NKL 4140A-zz

NIKOLAN U / UTP cable, 4 pairs, Cat.6, 23 AWG, Indoor, PVC, 305M

Order table

P/N Number of pairs Category Type Application Color Length, м Volume, m3 Weight, kg To compare Add to cart
NKL 4140A-GY 4 6 U/UTP Indoor, PVC Gray 305 0.0344 14.6
NKL 4140A-BL 4 6 U/UTP Indoor, PVC Blue 305 0.0344 14.6
NKL 4140A-WT 4 6 U/UTP Indoor, PVC White 305 0.0344 14.6


NIKOLAN 4 Series cables provide excellent performance at a reasonable price, which makes them the best choice for building networks in projects that do not require system support. The range of internal cables includes shielded (F / UTP) and unshielded (U / UTP) cables of categories 5, 5e and 6 with PVC or LSZH-comand shells. Depending on the specific model, the internal cables of the 4th series are delivered in "easy-pull box" cartons or on plywood drums. Unshielded cables (U / UTP) are the most popular and easy to install type of cable, but they do not have protection against electromagnetic interference. When laying in close proximity to the power lines, it is recommended to refer to shielded solutions.




Bandwidth, MHz




Number of pairs


Material of conductors


Type of conductors


Diameter of conductors, AWG

23 AWG (0.55 ± 0.01 mm)

Insulation material

High density polyethylene (HDPE)

Insulation conductor thickness, mm

0.22 ± 0.02

Diameter of conductor insulation, mm

1.01 ± 0.05

Outer jacket material

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

CPR Class



For Indoor Installation

Jacket thickness, mm

0.55 ± 0.05

Outer jacket diameter, mm

6.3 ± 0.3

Jacket color

3 colors

Screen construction (common screen)

Protective film



Mass density (kg) per unit length (km)

42.6 ± 0.5

Radius of bending during laying

At least 8 cable diameters

Radius of bending during operation

At least 4 cable diameters

Maximum tensile strength

No more than 80 N

Characteristic impedance, ohms

100 ± 15

Nominal velocity of propagation (NVP)

0.69 ± 0.1

Max. Conductor resistance(DC), ohms/km

≤ 95

Length, M



Exceeds the requirements of the standards: ISO / IEC 11801, EN 50173 and ANSI / TIA -568-C.2

Supported applications

10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 100BASE-T4, 1000BASE-T, 10GBASE-T (For Cat.6),
ATM-25, ATM-51, ATM-155, 100VG-AnyLan, TR-4, TR-16 Active, TR-16 Passive

Temperature ranges

Storage from -20 to +60 ° C. Installation from 0 to +50 ° C. Operation from -20 to +60 ° C

Individual packing

Cardboard box

Package dimensions (LxW or W x H x D), mm



Component warranty - 5 years, system warranty - 15 years