NKL 4455C-zz

NIKOLAN U / FTP cable, 4 pairs, Cat.6A, 23 AWG, Indoor, LSZH, 500 M

Order table

P/N Number of pairs Category Type Application Color Length, M Package Demension, mm Volume, m3 Weight, kg To compare Add to cart
NKL 4455C-OR 4 6A U/FTP Indoor, LSZH Orange 500 Drum 370х250 0.0300 27.0
NKL 4455C-WT 4 6A U/FTP Indoor, LSZH White 500 Drum 370х250 0.0300 27.0
NKL 4455C-IB 4 6A U/FTP Indoor, PVC Grey 500 Drum 370х250 0.0300 27.0


A wide range of 4th series cables will solve most of the problems associated with building networks, and while an excellent performance will guarantee a trouble-free operation for the whole life of the network. They are used to build a certified NIKOMAX SCS with a warranty period of up to 15 years. Indoor cable lineup includes shielded (S/FTP, U/FTP, F/UTP) and unshielded (U/UTP) models of categores from 5e to 7A with PVC or LSZH shells. Supplied in easy-pull-out boxes with an increased diameter insert for unwinding or on plywood drums (for heavy models). NKL 4455C-IB Category 6A cable is shielded U/FTP, and designed for indoor cabling. The outer jacket is made of low smoke and non-combustible LSZH.




Bandwidth, MHz




Number of pairs


Material of conductors

Pure copper

Type of conductors


Diameter of conductors, AWG

23 AWG (0.56 ± 0.01 mm)

Insulation material

PE foam

Insulation conductor thickness, mm

0.38 ± 0.02

Diameter of conductor insulation, mm

1.33 ± 0.05

Outer jacket material


CPR Class



For Indoor laying

Jacket thickness, mm

0.55 ± 0.05

Outer jacket diameter, mm

7.3 ± 0.3

Jacket color

Ice Blue/ Orange / White

Screen construction (common screen)

Individual Al/PES foil, 100% coverage, paved with a solid drain wire

Protective film




Mass density (kg) per unit length (km)

49.0 ± 0.5

Radius of bending during laying

At least 8 cable diameters

Radius of bending during operation

At least 4 cable diameters

Maximum tensile strength

No more than 100 N

Characteristic impedance, ohms

100 ± 15

Nominal velocity of propagation (NVP)

0.74 ± 0.1

Max. Conductor resistance(DC), ohms/km

≤ 93.8


Exceeds the requirements of the standards: ISO/IEC 11801. EN 50173 & TIA/EIA-568-C.2

Supported applications

10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 100BASE-T4. 1000BASE-T, 10GBASE-T, ATM-25. ATM-51. ATM-155. 100VG-AnyLan, TR-4. TR-16 Active, TR-16 Passive

Temperature ranges

Storage from -20 to +60 ° C. Installation from 0 to +50 ° C. Operation from -20 to +60 ° C


Component – 5 years. System – 15 years as part of a certified NIKOMAX SCS