NIKOLAN Fiber-Optic Cable, Multimode 50/125 OM2, Multi Loose Tube Indoor/Outdoor, With corrugated steel tape, Black

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Volume, м3 Weight, kg
NKL-F-036M2MT-01C-BK 36 MM 50/125 OM2 UV LSZH - -
NKL-F-048M2MT-01C-BK 48 MM 50/125 OM2 UV LSZH - -
NKL-F-096M2MT-01C-BK 96 MM 50/125 OM2 UV LSZH - -


NIKOLAN cables, with corrugated steel tape are designed for laying in the cable sewerage, blocks, tunnels, collectors, on bridges and flyovers, in ground of 1-3 groups, between buildings and structures. NKL-F-xxxyyMT-01C-BK cables are designed for outdoor installation and contain twenty four, thirty six, forty eight or seventy two optical fibers comply with the following standard: ITU-T G652.D., ISO/ IEC 11801 OS2/OM2/OM3/OM4. Optical fibers are laid in the loose tube, which is filled with a hydrophobic gel. Optical modules are wrapped around a central strength member. Optical modules covered steel tape. The outer jacket is made of UV Light-stabilized LSZH.


Outer jacket material

UV Light-stabilized LSZH


Indoor / Outdoor

Mass density (kg) per unit length (km)

91.0 kg/km / 91.0 kg/km / 145.0 kg/km

Maximum tensile strength

1000 N


Component - 5 years. 25 years - as part of a certified NIKOMAX SCS


Wooden drum

Diameter of cable

9.1 mm / 9.5 mm / 12.0 mm


ISO/IEC 11801 OM2 & ITU-T G.652.D

Temperature ranges

Transportation and storage from -50 to +70 ° C. Laying and installation from -20 to +60 ° C. Operation -40 to +60 ° C

Number of fibers

36 / 48 / 96

Type of optical fiber

Multimode fiber 50/125

Minimum bending radius

Not less than 20 times the cable diameter

Color of outer jacket


Peripheral strength element

Steel rope

Basic equipment

Optical Fiber Cable - 2 km 1