NIKOLAN Fiber-Optic Cable, Multimode 50/125 OM4, Multi Loose Tube Outdoor, With corrugated steel tape, Black

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Volume, м3 Weight, kg
NKL-F-036M4MT-01B-BK 36 MM 50/125 OM4 PE - -
NKL-F-048M4MT-01B-BK 48 MM 50/125 OM4 PE - -
NKL-F-096M4MT-01B-BK 96 MM 50/125 OM4 PE - -


NIKOLAN cables, with corrugated steel tape are designed for laying in the cable sewerage, blocks, tunnels, collectors, on bridges and flyovers, in ground of 1-3 groups, between buildings and structures. NKL-F-xxxyyMT-01B-BK cables are designed for outdoor installation and contain twenty four, thirty six, forty eight or seventy two optical fibers comply with the following standard: ITU-T G652.D., ISO/ IEC 11801 OS2/OM2/OM3/OM4. Optical fibers are laid in the loose tube, which is filled with a hydrophobic gel. Optical modules are wrapped around a central strength member. Optical modules covered steel tape. The outer jacket is made of PE, resistant to ultraviolet radiation.


Outer jacket material




Mass density (kg) per unit length (km)

91.0 kg/km / 91.0 kg/km / 145.0 kg/km

Maximum tensile strength

1000 N


Wooden drum


Component - 5 years. 25 years - as part of a certified NIKOMAX SCS

Diameter of cable

9.1 mm / 9.5 mm / 12.0 mm

Temperature ranges

Transportation and storage from -50 to +70 ° C. Laying and installation from -20 to +60 ° C. Operation -40 to +60 ° C


ISO/IEC 11801 OM4 & ITU-T G.652.D

Number of fibers

36 / 48 / 96

Type of optical fiber

Multimode 50/125

Minimum bending radius

Not less than 20 times the cable diameter

Color of outer jacket


Peripheral strength element

Steel rope

Basic equipment

Optical Fiber Cable - 2 km 1