Impact Punch Down tool

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Dimensions, mm Weight, kg Quantity Dimensions, mm Weight, kg Quantity Dimensions, mm Weight, kg
NMC-3640RB 165х33х45 0.167 12 pcs. 300x205x150 2.2 72 pcs. 430x310x475 14.6
NMC-3640R 165х33х45 0.165 12 pcs. 300x205x150 2.2 72 pcs. 430x310x475 13.5


NIKOMAX NMC-3640R and NMC-3640RB are designed for cable termination in patch panels, connectors and modules. The tools are compatible with the Twist-Lock type bayonet knives. Depending on the installed blade, they can be used for terminating contacts of 66/ 88/110 type or KRONE type equipment. NMC-3640RB comes with the NMC-14TA blade (66/88/110) included. Blades for the NMC-3640R are sold separately. The impact mechanism will provide the required force for a secure fit and trimming of wires. And the adjustment of the impact force will allow you to choose the most comfortable of the two modes of operation. On the handle of the tool contains a slotted flat-blade screwdriver, and to extract the hook from live contacts when removing wires. In the end part has a compartment for a spare blade.

Key features

Universal bayonet lock type Twist-Lock

Screwdriver with straight slot for removing skirting from brackets

Hook for extracting embedded wires

Ergonomic non-slip grip

Adjustable impact force (in two positions)

Built-in spare knife compartment

Rotary disc closing knife compartment


Temperature ranges

Storage from -20 to +70 ° C. Operation from -10 to +50 ° C


Black and Yellow


1 Year


Individual - Blister

Type of fastening knives-inserts


The presence of the impact mechanism


Adjusting the force of impact


Branch for spare knife


Additional features

Hook for removing embedded wires and screwdriver with a flat slot

Basic equipment

Impact punch down tool 1