Cassette module, unshielded, category 6

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Dimensions, mm Weight, kg Quantity Dimensions, mm Weight, kg
NMC-CJ06UE2-1S-GY 6 6 125x100x23 0.25 48 pcs. 515x375x240 13.5


The cassette modules are designed exclusively for mounting in the cassette panel NIKOMAX NMC-RP08BLANK-CJ-1U-MT. The cassette NMC-CJ06UE2-1S-GY (Cat.6) is made of durable, high-quality plastic and accommodates 6 RJ45 / 8P8C ports. Universal IDC contacts 110 / KRONE are located inside the cassette, on a horizontal substrate. Cabling is made by two standards: T568 A and B.

Key features

Contacts with a gold coating of 50 micro-inches: at least 750 cycles of connecting cords. The design of the tracks minimizes crosstalk in the connector The spring-loaded clips on the sides of the socket ensure reliable contact with the patch cord screen

Universal IDC contacts 110 / Krone (it is recommended to use knives of type 110) To improve the convenience of sealing, the contact blades are provided with slits that firmly hold the wires in the wiring process Color

Slots in the base for fixing cables to screeds

Color scheme of wiring according to two standards: T568 A and B

Durable non-combustible plastic housing, complies with UL94V-0

Marking area (paper stickers complete with panel)




Bandwidth, MHz


Connection style



Exceeds the requirements of the standards: ISO / IEC 11801, EN 50173 and ANSI / TIA -568-C.2

Supported applications

10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 100BASE-T4, 1000BASE-T, 10G-BASE-T (For Cat. 6),
ATM-25, ATM-51, ATM-155, 100VG-AnyLan, TR-4, TR-16 Active, TR-16 Passive

Temperature ranges

Storage from -40 to +70 ° C. Mounting from 0 to +50 ° C. Operation from -10 to +60 ° C

Individual packing

Cardboard box


5 years - extended; 25 years - as part of the certified NIKOMAX SCS

Connector type


Connector material in connector

Phosphor bronze

Contact coating material

Gold (50 micro-inches) over nickel (100 micro-inches)

Number of cable connections

Not less than 750

Type of IDC contacts (seal)


Layout diagram


IDC Contact material

Phosphor bronze

IDC coating material

Tin (100 micro-inches)


Absent. Performed on stickers (complete with cassette panel)


NIKOMAX Cassette panel - CJ series



Insulation resistance

At least 500 MΩ (at a constant voltage of 100 V)

Maximum load-bearing capacity

Up to 1000 V, 60 Hz for 1 minute

Contact resistance, μΩ

Not more than 20

IDC Contact resistance, μΩ

Not more than 2.5

Permissible diameter of conductors

~24-22 AWG (0.50-0.65 мм)

Housing material

Non-combustible ABS plastic, meets UL94V-0

Number of ports


Basic equipment

Cassette module 1
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