Fast termination tool for Fast Termination system

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P/N Description Individual package Freight package To compare Add to cart
Dimensions, mm Weight, kg Quantity Dimensions, mm Weight, kg
NMC-FT-TOOL Tool for fast termination 215x210x40 0.310 40 pcs. 515x400x230 12.4
NMC-FT-INSET Spare attachment 40x25x25 0.023


The new NIKOMAX "Fast Termination" system is a fresh look at the installation of modular solutions. The solution is based on a special tool NMC-FT-TOOL, which allows you to instantly terminate the keystone modules, making it easier to work and saving time. Split the cable on the module's pins, insert it into the tool and just squeeze the handles! Accurate and quality termination of the module in one push! During the closing process, the modules are not damaged and are suitable for repeated re-fitting if necessary. IDC contacts of the Fast Termination modules are also compatible with a conventional percussion tool with a 110 or KRONE type knife .

Key features

Locking handle

Ergonomic handles

One touch closure of the module



1 Year


Metallic, with orange handles. Nozzle - red

Temperature ranges

Storage from -20 to +70 ° C. Operation from -10 to +50 ° C


Individual - Blister

Additional features

NMC-FT-INSET spare attachment included

Frame Material

Aluminium alloy



Mechanism of return of handles


Type of crimp modules

NIKOMAX Fast Termination («FT», «ST», «AN», «LS» series)

Crimping section

The removable, replaceable nozzle NMC-FT-INSET

Basic equipment

Tool 1
MC-FT-INSET nozzle 2