Wall-mounted faceplate for 3 inset, Mosaic, 45x45 mm

Order table

P/N Number of sockets Individual package Collective package Freight package To compare Add to cart
Volume, m3 Weight, kg Quantity Dimensions, mm Weight, kg Quantity Dimensions, mm Weight, kg
NMC-PL3PM-WT 3x Mosaic 0.000498 0.105 20 pcs. 250x190x210 2.4 80 pcs. 515x400x230 9.9


NIKOMAX Wall-mounted faceplates are designed to install inserts for modules such as Keystone to organize information ports in the workplace, as well as to install other mechanisms compatible with the French standard Mosaic (45x45 mm). The front panels NMC-PL1PM-WT, NMC-PL2PM-WT and NMC-PL3PM-WT hold 1, 2 or 3 inserts of Mosaic format 45x45 mm, respectively. At the base of the panels there are metal subframes for mounting on the mounting boxes and coasters with an interaxial distance between the screws of 60 mm. The outreach of the front frame with respect to the subframe can be adjusted within up to 3 millimeters.

Key features

Non-combustible plastic, meets UL94V-0

The planting dimensions of the window correspond to the French format Mosaic 45x45 mm

The possibility of adjusting the outreach of the front frame with respect to the subframe

Distance between fittings - 60 mm


Temperature ranges

Storage from -40 to +70 ° C. Installation from 0 to +50 ° C. Operation from -10 to +60 ° C

Individual packing

Plastic bag


1 year

Plastic material

Meets UL94V-0


Wall-mounted, with metal subframe



Number of sockets


Type of inserts to be installed

Mosaic 45x45 mm or 22.5х45 mm

Dimensions (on the front side, WxHxD), mm


Basic equipment

Faceplate with subframe 1