Cassette Patch Panel, 1U , for Copper and Optical cassette

Order table

P/N Number of ports Height, U Individual package Freight package To compare Add to cart
Dimensions, mm Weight, kg Quantity Dimensions, mm Weight, kg
NMC-RP08-BLANK-CJ-1U-MT 6 1 510x90x60 0.850 15 pcs. 515x400x230 12.9


Cassette Patch Panels are designed for connecting different SCS subsystems and network equipment to each other with patch cords. NIKOMAX NMC-RP08-BLANK-CJ-1U-MT has a standard height of 1U and 8 slots (landing slots) under special cassette modules place (CJ Series). The cassette design is extremely easy to install and, if necessary, allows the exibility to combine different types of cassettes and categories in a frame. This solution combines the versatility and exibility of patch panels with traditional simplicity and speed of installation. In addition, a new panel allows you to t the 48-port RJ45 / 8P8C within 1U. There are 3 types of NIKOMAX copper cassettes for this panel: Shielded versions of Category 6 and 6A and unshielded version of Category 6. Also, the panel can be installed with optical cassette modules: one slot for 12 LC ports (up to 96 ports per panel ) module or two slot for 12 SC ports (48 ports per panel). The cassette patch panel is made of 1.5 mm steel and is suitable for both shielded and unshielded cassettes. For better shielding against electromagnetic interference and improve communication with unpainted rails cabinet, galvanized steel panels coated with nickel.

Key features

High density solution: up to 48 copper ports or up to 96 optical ports in one unit

Removable cassettes for 6 ports (available separately) Shielded cassettes of categories 6 and 6A and unshielded cassettes of category 6

Shielded version, nickel-plated steel housing

Removable steel detachable cable organizer of increased length

Simple and reliable attachment system: The cassettes are inserted in one movement and can also be easily removed from the panel: Simply squeeze the latches and pull the cassette towards you

Individual steel enclosures of shielded cassettes coated with nickel provide excellent protection against external interference

Marking areas


Connection style


Temperature ranges

Storage from -40 to +70 ° C. Installation from 0 to +50 ° C. Operation from -10 to +60 ° C

Individual packing

Cardboard box


1 year

Height, U



Marking area on panel


19 " Cabinet or rack


Metallic (Nickel)

Housing material

Nickel-plated steel, 1.5 mm

Number of slots for modules


Type of installed modules

NIKOMAX CJ series cassette modules

Depth in rack (with organizer), mm


Basic equipment

Patch panel 1
Cable organizer 1
Label 1
Cable tie 48
Installation instructions 1