NIKOMAX Surface mounting outlets, Shielded, 2 ports, Cat.5e

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Volume, m3 Mass, kg Quantity Dimensions, mm Weight, kg Quantity Dimensions, mm Weight, kg
NMC-WO2SD2-WT 5e 2 0.00013 0.07 30 pcs. 190x160x280 1.9 180 pcs. 585x280x345 12.8


Surface Mounting boxes with FT Jacks are part of SCS horizontal subsystems and are designed for connection of terminal equipment in the workplace. Structurally, the outlet can be made in two versions: as a complete solution with soldered into the PCB and IDC RJ45 ports and connectors in the form of a plastic housing, which are set separately switching insert modules Keystone format. Surface Mount Box with Jacks are less versatile, but more affordable solution than the option of switching modules. NIKOMAX Sockets are made in strict cases of durable plastic and is a solution that is completely ready for installation. Jacks are available in shielded and unshielded versions, category 5e and category 6 and obtain good transmission characteristics. Contacts in the RJ45 connector are protected by 50 microinches of gold plating. IDC (IDC) is compatible with both types of blades (110 and KRONE), that allows easy installation with tools. The Surface Mount Box housing provides additional break out on the windows, allowing to bring the cables on either side. For administrative convenience, all the cover grounds are available for marking and color icon windows for labelling.

Key features

Sockets can be mounted on a wall with a double-sided adhesive base or with two screws

Shielded RJ45 / 8P8C connectors with gold plated contacts 50 md. Not less than 750 re-connection cycles

Universal IDC contacts 110 / Krone

Break-out windows for cables from any convenient side, including the wall

Durable non-combustible plastic housing, complies with UL94V-0

The cover is opened on the side, which makes it easy and convenient to dismantle the outlet

Colored icons for marking

Crimp clip for securing and grounding the cable




Bandwidth, MHz





ISO/IEC 11801, EN 50173 and ANSI/TIA-568-C.2

Supported applications

10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 100BASE-T4, 1000BASE-T,
ATM-25, ATM-51, ATM-155, 100VG-AnyLan, TR-4, TR-16 Active, TR-16 Passive

Temperature ranges

Storage -40 to +70°C. Installation from 0 to +50°C. Operating from -10 to +60°C

Individual packing

Plastic bag


Extended - 5 years. 25 years - as part of the NIKOMAX structured cabling systems.

Connector type


Connector material in connector

Phosphor bronze

Contact coating material

Gold (50 micro-inch) Nickel (100 micro-inch)

Number of cable connections

Not less than 750 times

Layout diagram


IDC Contact material

Phosphor bronze

IDC coating material

Tin (100 micro-inch)



Insulation resistance

Not less than 500 megohms (at constant voltage of 100 V)

Maximum load-bearing capacity

Up to 1000 V, 60 Hz for 1 minute

Contact resistance, μΩ

No more than 20 M ohms

IDC Contact resistance, μΩ

No more than 2.5 M ohms

Permissible diameter of conductors

~24-22 AWG (0.50-0.65 mm)


Keystone Jack

Dimensions (WxHxD), mm


Number of ports


Type of IDC contacts (seal)

110 / KRONE

Socket housing material

High strength, non-flammble, meets UL94V-0

Color of the case


Basic equipment

Корпус розетки 1
Защитная крышка 2
Табличка для маркировки 1
Набор цветных иконок 2
Липкое основание 1
Шурупы 2