Splice Closure, 48 fibers, 3 round & 1 oval port, with 4 pcs. of splice tray, with standard accessories, thermo hermetic sealingmetal hoop

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P/N Number of cable entries Max. Cable diameter Volume with packaging Weight with packaging To compare Add to cart
NMF-SC-2V-48-4HS 4 (3 round + 1 ellipse) 3 х 16 mm / 1 x (25 x 44) mm - -


Optical splice closure NMF-SC-2V-48-4HS is designed to be fixed on the supports of overhead cable lines, walls of buildings and structures. It is advantageous to use small capacitance couplings in places of broaching peripheral communication lines and in places of branches of peripheral lines to subscriber lines. Recommended for places with high humidity and high content of dust in the air.

The clutch is equipped with a special mechanical locking system in the form of two semi-braids with a lock, fixed by a special bolt, which greatly facilitates the assembly of the clutch, as well as access to the clutch during maintenance and repair.  

The “hot” method of assembling and sealing cable glands with heat shrinkable tubing increases the strength of the cable fixation system, the anti-vandal resistance of the coupling and ensures absolute isolation from dust and moisture. The body is made of impact-resistant frost-resistant polycarbonate.


Protection level



Individual - Cardboard Box

Temperature range

Operation from - 50С to + 70С

Dimensions (L x W)

435 х Ø157 mm

Maximum cable diameter

3 х 16 mm / 1 x (25 x 44) mm

Weight, kg

1.8 kg

Maximum number of splices


Number of cable entries

4 (3 round + 1 ellipse)