Splice Closure, 48 fibers, 6 round ports, with 2 pcs. of splice tray, with standard accessories, mechanical sealing

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P/N Number of cable entries Max. Cable diameter Volume with packaging Weight with packaging To compare Add to cart
NMF-SC-3H-48-6MS 6 round inputs 4 x 13 mm / 2 x 16 mm - -


Optical splice closure NMF-SC-3H-48-6MS intended for the protection of places of welding of the optical cable in places increased stress and possible external influences, as well as branching the subscriber line connection from the main (backbone) communication line. The splice closure can be placed on the walls of buildings, in the ventilation system, as well as on the support of aerial fiber-optic communication lines. Ideal for use in cable sewer wells and laying into the ground.  

The mounting system allows you to securely fasten the coupling at the place of its installation. Assembly of the splice closure is quite simple and does not take much time. All elements and accessories, as well as special tools, make the assembly reliable, high-quality and fast.

The housing of the splice closure, made of impact-resistant frost-resistant polycarbonate, provides long-term and reliable protection of intergrowths. A sealing gasket made of a specially developed material and a sealing tape prevent moisture and dust from entering for a long time.



Individual - Cardboard Box

Temperature range

Operation from - 50С to + 70С

Protection level


Dimensions (LxWxH), mm

388 x 184 x 104 mm

Maximum cable diameter

4 x 13 mm / 2 x 16 mm

Weight, kg

2.0 kg

Maximum number of splices


Number of cable entries

6 round inputs