Splice Closure, 48 fibers, 2 round ports, with 4 pcs. of splice tray, with standard accessories, mechanical sealing

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NMF-SC-3V-48-2MS 2 round inputs 2 х 14 mm - -


Optical splice closure NMF-SC-3V-48-2MS is intended for use under any conditions of laying fiber-optic cable (overhead, on a support, in the ground, in cable ducts or cable wells). The splice closure provides trunk splicing of optical cables, protection of welding places of an optical cable in places of increased loads and possible external influences, transit passage of optical modules without breaking them, outputting optical lines to the end users.

The housing of the coupling, made of impact-resistant frost-resistant polycarbonate, provides long-term and reliable protection of intergrowths.

The cable entries are sealed with three gaskets of various materials and sealing tape, then tightened with a special nut. This solution provides moisture and dust insulation of cable entries without the use of heat shrinkers, hair dryers and other heating equipment.


Protection level



Individual - Cardboard Box

Temperature range

Operation from - 50 С to + 70 С

Dimensions (LxWxH), mm

280 x 200 x 90 mm

Maximum cable diameter

2 x 14 mm

Weight, kg

1.9 kg

Maximum number of splices


Number of cable entries

2 round inputs