Splice Closure, 48 fibers, 6 round ports, with 4 pcs. of splice tray, with standard accessories, mechanical sealing

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P/N Number of cable entries Max. Cable diameter Volume with packaging Weight with packaging To compare Add to cart
NMF-SC-3V-48-6MS 6 round inputs 2 x 13 mm / 2 x 16 mm / 2 x 20 mm - -


Optical splice closure NMF-SC-3V-48-6MS is designed for use under any conditions of laying fiber-optic cable (overhead, on a support, in the ground, in cable ducts or cable wells).

The splice closure provide trunk splicing of optical cables, protection a place of welding, transit passage of optical modules and output optical line for the end user.

The housing of the splice closure is made of impact-resistant frost-resistant polycarbonate, provides long-term and reliable protection of intergrowths.

The cable entries are sealed with three gaskets of various materials and sealing tape, then tightened with a special nut. This solution provides moisture and dust insulation of cable entries without the use of heat shrinkers, hair dryers, and other heating equipment.



Individual - Cardboard Box

Temperature range

Operation from - 50 С to + 70 С

Protection level


Dimensions (LxWxH), mm

295 x 202 x 81 mm

Maximum cable diameter

2 x 13 mm / 2 x 16 mm / 2 x 20 mm

Weight, kg

1.8 kg

Maximum number of splices


Number of cable entries

6 round inputs