Tayle is pleased to present to your attention the updated training course "Integrated NIKOMAX SCS program". In its development, the company's specialists have used their knowledge in the SCS, experience in working with equipment and training skills honed in the courses held over the last ten years.

After training, your knowledge will be supplemented with in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge, skills and competencies necessary for the qualified design and installation of a structured cabling system. And most importantly - you will be able to work with both copper components and fiber-optic equipment as part of NIKOMAX SCS.

This course will be useful to you if:

  • • You are designing SCS, but you have not worked with the NIKOMAX SCS components and want to correct this omission;
  • • You do not have enough knowledge to install and maintain a cable system that includes NIKOMAX copper and / or fiber optics equipment
  • • You have been working with SCS for a long time, have already studied with other vendors, but you want to learn more about NIKOMAX products
  • • You do not have enough basic knowledge, you want to freely understand the equipment in order to provide qualified assistance to your customers.

Whom do we invite to the training?

  • • Engineers
  • • Brigadiers
  • • Installers;
  • • IT professionals
  • • Project Managers
  • • Purchasing and sales managers.

What awaits you?

  • • Composition and standards of SCS;
  • • Product block (NIKOMAX components);
  • • Copper and optical part of SCS;
  • • SCS architecture, design;
  • • Installation, administration of SCS
  • • Testing;
  • • Warranty
  • • Practical part;
  • • Final testing.
  • How does the training work?

    Duration of training - 2 days, from 10:00 to 17:00.

    The maximum number of participants in a group is 10 people.

    The cost of training one student is 12 000 rubles. (VAT included).

    There are two ways to get training:

    From Tayle's office via VCS

    Videoconferencing (VCS) allows you to link multiple remote subscribers from different regions and time zones. With this connection, participants exchange audio and video information in real time. It's like "watching TV," while gaining the necessary knowledge. Technical support of the VCS system: microphone, monitor-TV, rotary and document camera help to remove barriers between the trainer and the group members.

    Each listener is provided with a handout:

    • • NIKOMAX and TLK product catalogs
    • • Printed training manuals
    • • Equipment for practice;
    • • Pen, notepad, package
    • • Lunch and coffee break.

    Remotely with special software

    If your city does not have a branch office of Tayle, we can offer you an option that will reduce your travel expenses - partial remote training (from your workplace).

    You do not need your own VCS system, you just need to install special software on your computer, and on the day of training, "call" the VCS system installed in Tayle's office. You will need to come to Tayle's office only on the second (practical) day of the course. This will allow you to halve the cost of a business trip and completely eliminate the cost of the hotel.

    Each listener is provided with a handout:

    • • Electronic catalogs for NIKOMAX and TLK products;
    • • Electronic training manuals
    • • Practice equipment - on the second day of training
    • • Pen, notepad, package - on the second day of training;
    • • Lunch and coffee break - on the second day of training.

    After completing the course "Comprehensive NIKOMAX SCS program", you will receive:

    • • A valid certificate confirming that the trained specialist has the necessary skills to design, install and maintain the NIKOMAX SCS based on copper and optical components
    • • A certificate for the company that he represents, confirming that she is an authorized installer and has the right to design, install and maintain NIKOMAX SCS with a system warranty from the manufacturer for a period of 25 years
    • • Set of closing documents: account, FRT, contract
    • • The ability to use technical advice from qualified experts from Tayle for the duration of the certificates