Training Introduction of NIKOMAX brand and products

NIKOMAX local distributor in Hungary welcomes our partners to get acquainted with NIKOMAX brand and products.

09:00 Budapest
3 hours

Alphasonic, NIKOMAX local distributor in Budapest, gladly invites you to visit the Introduction of NIKOMAX brand and products seminar, which is a great possibility to know more about:

NIKOMAX in Hungary (45 minutes)

  • General information about NIKOMAX
  • Brand's history
  • Product range
  • "Why NIKOMAX?"

NIKOMAX system warranty (30 minutes)

  • Training and certification options
  • How the warranty procedure works and what is required

NIKOMAX case studies (30 minutes)

  • Showing the advantages and key features of NIKOMAX via different projects

and touch with your hands:

NIKOMAX flagship products Live Demo (30 minutes)

  • FT tool, LED panel, etc

All guests will have a door gift from NIKOMAX and stand a chance to win a valuable price in a lucky draw!

Looking forward to seeing you at Alphasonic or as our Hungarian friends say - Szeretettel várjuk az Alphasonic-nál!

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