NIKOMAX Optical Cross-Couplings

NIKOMAX Optical Cross-Couplings

Article 17 November 2021

For the FTTx networks

The brand-new Optical Distribution Cross-Couplings joined the NIKOMAX family.

Line-up includes:

  • NMF-SC-3FA-08-2MS (up to 8 subscriber ports)
  • NMF-SC-3FA-16-2MS (up to 16 subscriber ports)
  • NMF-SC-3FA-24-2MS (up to 24 subscriber ports)

About cross-couplings

The cross-couplings, also known as optical distribution units, are designed to switch trunk and subscriber cables within the FTTx network.

In data transmission systems, the cross-couplings are applied as:

  • a direct and distributing (branching) device (often as a distribution frame),
  • protection of welded joints from any mechanical damages.

Key features

The body is made of high-impact ABS plastic, which is resistant to sunlight exposure. That allows using the coupling both inside and outside the building. Also an additional sealing gasket provides the product IP65 protection.

A thoughtful design allows mounting coupling on any flat surfaces as well as supports for various purposes (except for NMF-SC-3FA-24-2MS which is intended for flat surfaces only).

The product is equipped with cable entries, protected with plugs so nothing can get inside the coupling and interfere with network.

And don't worry, because protection of the device from unauthorized access is also ensured with a built-in lock.

Hermetically sealed body

Protected cable entries

A reliable built-in lock

Coupling “insides” & basic set of equipment

Inside the coupling, there are*:

Mounting panel to insert adaptors

Organizer to keep fibers stocks properly

Fastening nodes to fix cables

A standard set includes*:

  • adapter panel for SC/DLC adaptors
  • heat shrinkable sleeves for protection of the welding joint (their amount is equal to ports)
  • set of keys
  • screws, dowels, and nylon ties

The NIKOMAX cross-couplings are supplied individually in a cardboard box.

*A basic set varies according to the model.