The key and the latch

The key and the latch

Article 8 April 2022

How to protect your business with NIKOMAX

During network lifespan unauthorized intended actions or simple accidents unfortunately can play a cruel joke on company’s functioning and, moreover, entail some serious financial difficulties and consequences on its image and reputation. But the worst case scenario is to lose a priceless client's trust just due to disconnection of a single patch cord in a server rack.

Because of that, we recommend not to ignore potential problems, but prevent them with NIKOMAX lockable patch cords and plugs.

Their unique feature is a special mechanism, mounted on a plug, which locks a latch in the RJ45 socket. And after that the only legit way to switch them off is using our special key.

About the patch cords

NIKOMAX lockable patch cords are designed to secure all necessary connections in the company.

The patch cord’s outer jacket is made of LSZH-compound and there is a reason for it.

LSZH or Low Smoke Zero Halogen is a material which consists of zero halogens, emits low smoke, and does not spread combustion during fire. So, in case of emergency, due to those significant advantages, people's health and life, integrity of a building, equipment, a cabling system and a cable itself are under protection. That's why these patch cords are highly recommended to use in public places.

Part number NMC-PC4UD55B-xxx-CS-RD NMC-PC4UE55B-xxx-CS-RD
Category 5e 6
Bandwidth 100 MHz 250 MHz
Speed Up to 1 Gbit/s Up to 1Gbit/s
As part of a line up to 55 m – up to 10 Gbit/s

A couple words about the plugs & keys

The plugs, on the other hand, allow to protect ports which are not used yet, but still require some attention in order to maintain SCS security.

About the key

Speaking of the key, there is no need to buy a unique set to each piece of equipment, because it’s completely universal and compatible with every NIKOMAX lockable patch cord or plug.

And do not worry, in case of breaking or losing the key you can purchase it separately, so you will be able to replace it with ease. In addition, if you want it to look fancy, we also offer a high quality steel key chain with our NIKOMAX brand name engraved on it – NMC-RJ-KEY-KC-RD.

Work lifespan

As we all know, the time is priceless. Therefore, it’s of utmost importance for the system to serve as long as possible and don’t steal precious time of a system administrator for fixing endless malfunctions. That’s why in our turn, we in NIKOMAX give the highest priority to the quality of the products and our patch cords provide whatever is required for a long-term performing without any failure. So, let’s look through some points we have about reliability of our product.

First of all, each conductor in the patch cord consists of several copper wires. As you may know, the copper is famous for its advantages over other materials. It’s less subject to oxidation, high strength and has more level of resistivity. But the main advantage is, of course, its electrical conductivity, which directly affects signal attenuation passing through the conductor in a good way.

Next one we have is molded boots, which protect attachment point of plug on cable. And 50 µinch of gold plating protects copper contacts from oxidation and significantly prolongs patch cord's service life itself. For example, if you reconnect a patch cord once a week, its lifespan will reach almost 15 years!

And, of course, all stages of patch cords production are checked by our quality control team. Moreover, NIKOMAX patch cords are tested with Fluke DSX analyzers. To be more specific:

  • Cat.5e patch cords – 10% of a batch are tested;
  • Cat.6 and above – 100% of a batch are tested.

Hence, you can be sure, that patch cords meet the strictest standards, have high margins of transmission performance and thus can guarantee you reliable operation over all time of its lifespan.

So, if you don’t want your network block – use NIKOMAX patch cords & plugs with lock!