NIKOMAX Colored Keystone jacks

NIKOMAX Colored Keystone jacks

Article 16 December 2020

Let your network be admin-friendly

A structured cabling system is a complex product, which comprises different subsystems (telephony, access control system, video surveillance system, etc.). And when SCS counts thousands and even a dozen thousands of components, its monitoring gets extremely difficult, to say the least. For example – trouble with detecting problems at early stages. In other words, the desired port in a server room becomes a needle in a haystack.

However, there are some ways to ease this hard work, and one of them is color marking. The main goal is to organize a subsystem or a separate connection in a single color. The color can provide any information from category to section's functionality. For example, the blue color is mostly applied for marking a connection of servers to the internal network and routers. Of course, it requires some special components, among which are cables and patch cords in colored jackets and colored keystone jacks.

NIKOMAX product range includes a wide variety of high-quality cables and patch cords for this purpose. And today, NIKOMAX introduces brand-new keystone jacks designed in deep blue and black colors.

New models are from the Fast Termination series, and alongside with NMC-KJUE2-FT-WT represent unshielded cat.6 solution.

Part number Category / Construction type Color
NMC-KJUE2-FT-WT Cat.6 / UTP White

The keystone jacks are installed in wall outlets, surface mount boxes, snap-in patch panels, and applied for connection work stations to the information network. New models are made from incombustible ABS plastic in blue and black colors, which allows highlighting a necessary segment in a telecommunication cabinet or rack, thus easing further network administration.

Moreover, NMC-KJUE2-FT-BL and NMC-KJUE2-FT-WT preserve all features of NIKOMAX FT series keystone jacks.

Special contacts design and 50 µ-inch gold coating provide crosstalk reduction and a minimum of 750 cycles of insertion/extraction life. Also, compatibility with NMC-FT-TOOL (fast termination device) allows us to accurately and quickly terminate a KJ requiring little time and effort with just one squeeze of its handles.

Use the new keystone jacks together with NIKOMAX colored patch cords – let your network be admin-friendly.

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Watch how easy it is to terminate FT KJs with NMC-FT-TOOL