Instead they will be much better!

How to produce a good and useful product? First of all, consider its active users’ opinions!

Therefore, we’re especially glad to introduce to you, so to say, a fruit of our cooperation – modernized fiber rack-mount distribution units of the NIKOMAX Premium line.

Our Premium line now includes

  • NMF-RP24SC-TS-P1-1U-BK – up to 24 SC ports / 48 LC ports
  • NMF-RP24FC-TS-P1-1U-BK – up to 24 FC/ST ports (this one currently at the production stage)


What has changed?

Most of the modifications touched the front part of FDU. Let’s look at them more closely!

Fixation of a sliding chute

We embed plastic clips into the body, which allows fixing the sliding chute securely in the FDU. In this way, any unexpected moves of the sliding chute are excluded.

Increased in size shelf with perforation

Now the shelf is 80 mm deep - plus 30 mm of valuable space!

And due to perforation, our new shelf design protects patch cords with any connector and boot length from accidental physical contact. All permissible bending radius of an optical fiber is also taken into account.

Moreover, the whole shelf is detachable!

This function will be quite useful, when:

  • There is limited space between FDU and cabinet’s door,
  • Installing several FDUs in a single file (in that case we recommend removing the shelf of every second FDU to allow easy access to adapters).

Increased in size pins at cable entries

This modification gives extra margin regarding the permissible diameter of incoming cables.



Part number changes

Be careful and don’t get confused! Down below you can see the difference between old & new part number.

Old version


New version


Basic information

Otherwise, considering all the changes mentioned above, our new Premium FDUs are all the same as the previous versions. More specifically:

  • Designed for installation in 19” racks and cabinets,
  • Made of 1,2 mm steel, powdering in black color,
  • have 4 cable entries backside and 4 nodes for fixing cables,
  • have an organizer for cable stocks inside.

The new NIKOMAX NMF-RP24SC-TS-P1-1U-BK is waiting for you & already available for order!