Meet our brand new special patch cords of the NIKOMAX Slim Series for high-density environments where space is always a main priority.

What is their main feature, you might ask? The thing is that the overall diameter of conductors these little SCS components have is 28 AWG. But, first of all, let’s look at the whole process more closely.

It all starts with a copper blank drawing, during which the thick copper wire is drawn through a calibration hole till it gets the required diameter. AWG, also known as American Wire Gauge System, corresponds to the number of such technological processes. The more times the copper wire is drawn through the hole, the larger AWG, hence the thinner diameter.

The word “thin” perfectly applies to our new cords, but we call them “Slim”.

So, in general, what are the advantages?

  1. High-density commutation of ports as well as comfortable system maintenance due to small outer diameter and overall size of the Slim patch cord.
  2. Greater flexibility without threat to randomly injure patch cord integrity.

But with our help, you can benefit even more!

We recommend applying the Slim patch cords alongside NIKOMAX patch panels of the High-Density line.

For instance, try NMC-RP48UD2-1U-BK, and you will get a 48-port SCS that occupies just one unit of your server cabinet or rack and provides more convenient maintenance of cords themselves.

Moreover, the Slim-line patch cords, just as any other of our products, always keep up with all NIKOMAX rules 👇


10 Gbit/s data transmission speed


Outer jacket is made of LSZH-compound


Molded boots with latch protection prolongs connectors life span

Stay safe & find out more info about our new Slim patch cords.