Lets know more about the process of cable testing.

From every copper cable type of various constructions our specialists randomly choose one and place on the stand which due to its specifics imitates real time cable laying. Next step – terminating the cable on both sides with a required component (Connector, Switch module, Patch Panel) and plugging it into the cable analyzer Fluke DSX-8000.

What are the specialties?

First of all, the cable goes through an excluding defect possibilities additional check to make sure the product meets all the technical characteristics. Secondly, as was mentioned above, the stand imitates real time cable laying to make sure of checked sets meet all the given ahead demands and standards of efficient working. And the last one, keeping all the cables in the same conditions excludes influence of plenty of external forces to guarantee results objectivity.

Additional cable check on the new special testing stand lets detect possible defects whereby avoid troubles, which might influence on efficiency of cables. We’re attentive to our products quality, trying to prevent any factory's mistakes, even though the chance they exists is very low.

Testing stand