Cables and components are now available on Alphasonic’s warehouse with local sales, marketing and technical support for customers not only in Hungary but also in Central Europe.

Alphasonic is one of the leading IT distributor in Hungary. It was established in 1993 and has been continously growing since then. The company moved to their current headquarters 7 years ago. This facility features a shop over 1000 square meters, a state of the art training center and a 2000 square meter warehouse.

Alphasonic’s development is due to its commercial and behaviorial strategy, focusing not only on the needs of the partners and the market, but also to behave ethical and transparent, and build up a family character. The key to its success was to give special solutions for its partners and to help the IT and security companies to reach their targets. Alphasonic is considered a very reliable and financially stable enterprise therefore has been AAA rated from Bisnode in the last three years.

Alphasonic recognised the added values which NIKOMAX can offer to its customer base therefore opted to launch the SCS range from 1 of June 2018.

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