On 29 June NIKOMAX training manager Sergey Mukhamediarov from Russian representative office in collaboration with technical expert Pavel Mihailov presented the NIKOMAX Cabling System Authorized Course to the Asian audience for the first time!

The Course was conducted via videoconference and was attended by customers from Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and Reunion Island located in the Indian Ocean.

Despite the enormous geographical barriers, which divided the participants of the course (the training manager was located in Moscow, the technical expert's office is situated in Voronezh and the course attendees were in Singapore (NETDC office), the training went well without any unforeseen difficulties and was very effective.

"It was a great experience for me. All the attendees expressed interest and involvement during the course. I was asked plenty of questions concerning the NIKOMAX product, technical, installation and warranty issues. I really believe that it was useful for them and they learned something new" - claims Sergey.

The most interesting part for the customers were SCS installation regulations and requirements of certification testing, as these two topics are the most important for obtaining the system warranty. The one they didn’t expect was home task, as it turned out later. However, it’s necessary step to complete the course and get the certificate, which proves the company to be an Authorized Installer of NIKOMAX SCS.

While training at NETDC office