Let us introduce to you a hero of cable lines installations – a professional NIKOMAX Tool Kit for copper solutions.

The Tool Kit is packed in a compact box, made from shock-proof black ABS-Plastic and meant for installation of copper cable lines. It includes 4 tools (Crimping Tool, Punch Down Tool, Cable Stripper and Keystone Jack Fixing Aid) and a few accessories.

Crimping Tool (Crimper) is in charge of crimping Registered Jack (RJ) type connectors (RJ45/8P8C, RJ12/6P6C and RJ11/6P4C) on telephone and data transmission cables. Its construction makes it possible to strip flat cables as well. The tool is referred to a professional type due to its parallel crimping action.

In order to strip the cable, namely, to remove a jacket, the Tool Kit includes the Cable Stripper. The stripper has special adjustable knob, which regulates the cutting depth of knife, thus making the process easier and more accurate and avoiding the damage of conductors’ insulation.

The purpose of the next Tool is to terminate cables into distribution units, patch-panels, wall outlets and keystone jacks. It is called the Punch Down Tool due to its mechanism, which provides a required punch for the termination and cutting off the excessing conductors. Adjustable Hi-Low impact dial offers two convenient operation modes. The set of the Tool includes two exchangeable blades: 111 Type (NMC-14TA) and Krone Type (NMC-14TBK).


To make installation process even more convenient the Tool Kit includes special Fixing Aid for Keystone Jacks termination. Due to tight fixation of Keystone Jacks, NIKOMAX NMC-KJ-FIX-OR will hold the Jack safely during a termination process. It’s compatible with both 180 and 90 degrees types of Keystone Jack.

Alongside the above mentioned Tools twenty (20) pieces of RJ45/8P8C Plugs Cat.6, UTP with inserts are also available in the Kit. Registered Jack Plugs are designed as standardized interface for termination of solid and stranded (patch cords) cables and are used in patch cords production, for connecting cameras and some other networking equipment.

In order to protect the Plugs RJ45 from mechanical influences the Boots would be of great help and which are also included in the Kit. The Boots have a unique form-factor which doesn’t increase plug’s dimensions. It makes it possible to apply the Boots with any patch-panels, including the ones with high density of the ports. The Boot’s body perfectly matches up with the cables of any color due to transparent plastic material, which the Boots are made of.

There’s nothing better than the NIKOMAX belt which helps an Installer keep a wanted instrument near at hand, making it an irreplaceable assistant in cable lines installation.

For more information, please address your NIKOMAX local representative