The latest event, which was held on June 5th 2019 was Security Expo in Alphasonic office, the NIKOMAX distributor in Hungary.


The event was attended by 60 Alphasonic partners, which are mostly CCTV and security system installers.

In addition to the booth with products relevant for security system field, NIKOMAX team prepared some theoretical knowledge base, which every security system installer must know. NIKOMAX presentation included such topic as types of camera connection (Non-SCS solution and classical SCS-solution). Unfortunately, the common practice dictates that the major part of project’s budget is spent on top quality and expensive cameras while keeping a tiny part of that for passive equipment. The outcome of such approach may be unsatisfactory, to say the least. That’s why NIKOMAX team outlined some crucial factors for choosing reliable supplier of passive equipment and why it is important not saving budget on such equipment.

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In the end of busy day, expo participants took part in lottery game and the lucky winner was awarded with NIKOMAX installer belt.

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