You’re right! Alphasonic Expo!

For those, who is not aware, Alphasonic is NIKOMAX distributor in Hungary and this is not the first and not even the second time when NIKOMAX acts as exhibitor on Alphasonic event.

The latest event which was held on October 2nd 2019 is the most large-scale Alphasonic annual exhibition. It was attended by more than 220 Alphasonic customers, which are system integrators, installers, IT resellers and many other persons who are connected with ICT industry.

Alphasonic office
The Exhibition got a full house!
To remember

Sergey Mukhamediarov, business development manager in NIKOMAX, opened the event holding presentation on brand new NIKOMAX products and other useful information for system integrators and installers. The speaker was well accepted by the audience and was asked many interesting questions concerning brand, current SCS standards, copper and FO cabling. Dessislava Dimitrova, the head of Alphasonic, was very helpful to convey Sergey’s speech to the Hungarian audience and to overcome language barrier.

Sergey's presentation is on
Speaking about NIKOMAX products

NIKOMAX Stand attracted many visitors and this is not a surprise. 42U demo-rack accommodated the flagship of NIKOMAX product line, NIKOMAX Smart Monitoring System. NIKOMAX FT-TOOL System also gained attendees’ interest. In addition, full solution for Cat.8.1 and brand new NIKOMAX cable testers debuted on Expo and were represented to the European audience for the first time. And now, we have already received some inquires for the new products.
The next step now is to bring the new products on stock in Hungary to satisfy customers’ demands.

All eyes on NIKOMAX!

See you on next Exhibition with new products and stay tuned!