It’s a sure thing to add aesthetics and ease of maintenance to the newly made system. Just add cable management panels to your order, and they are able to get cabling installations in the cabinet or racks “sorted out”.

NIKOMAX is glad to introduce to you familiar cable management panels, but their construction designs are upgraded.

Cable Management Panels with Metal Rings

Management Panels have become a good replacement for OK-400-2, OK-600-2 and OK-800-2. The rings, like the bases, are also made of steel, and their useful capacity remains the same. There are management panels with the rings depth of 40 mm, 60 mm, and also 80 mm in the line. The base has design with mounting holes.

Fully Metal Cable Management Panel

This management panel, in its way, acts as an alternative to the NIKOMAX plastic management panel with a cover NMC-OP700C. Its useful depth is 58 mm, and the presence of the cover allows to secure cables.

Cable Management Panels with Plastic Rings

NMC-OP450-2 has found its second wind twice. The new NMC-OP530H-1U-BK-2 is similar to its predecessor, but in addition base design is improved with holes. NMC-OP530HB-1U-BK-2 is the second option to choose from, additionally equipped with a brush input on the support bar. The brush input allows to output cords into cabinets and racks, and also protects from dust. The useful depth of the rings is 53 mm.

Blank Panels

This type of panels is mainly designed to hide unused space between communication equipment in cabinet or rack. The appearance of a blank panel with brush input has expanded the functionality, allowing cords to be laid into cabinets and racks.

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