Everyone knows that life is movement. But in the case of NIKOMAX life is development.

We are constantly improving our products. And the new NIKOMAX Patch Panel NMC-WP12-BLANK-BK is a great example of that.
Previously, NIKOMAX had only two options of wall mount Patch Panels: Cat.5e NMC-WP06UD2-GY and Cat.6 NMC-WP06UE2-GY. But now we have wall mount snap-in Patch Panel with 12 ports.

The new panel is made from high-impact flameproof ABS-plastic and has an unshielded construction. Its body consists of two parts: the base and the front part with holes for modules. All the sections are rotated by 27°. This feature allows to move the sections up/down, and left/right in the case of horizontal mounting. It makes possible to spread Patch Cords on the sides.

The modular construction enables you to combine KJs of any type and category you want. For ease of managing, all ports are numbered.