There is no cabling system that could be imagined without Patch Cords. They make it complete, integral. That’s why NIKOMAX included an important part of a work area into the Essential Series. Meet ES Patch Cords!

Like other components of the series, the Patch Cords are designed to build home and small local area networks and entry-level Structured Cabling Systems (SCS), which do not require system warranty.

What's new?

Let's start with appearance. A molded boot was subjected to some modifications: clip protection was refreshed with the new modern shape. Now each category has its own color-code of connector, which makes category identification much easier.

  • Cat.5е - transparent
  • Cat.6 - deep blue
  • Cat.6A - purple-red

Part number definition

  • ES - Essential Series
  • xxx - Patch Cord's length(0,3-5 м)
  • C - outer jacket, LSZH
  • GY (grey) - jacket color (gray)

Cat.5е, Shielded (F/UTP)

Cat.5e, Unshielded (U/UTP)

Cat.6, Unshielded (U/UTP)

Cat.6А, Unshielded (U/UTP)

As you may have guessed, there are three categories in the line-up. The Essential Series also includes Patch Cords of two construction types: shielded and unshielded ones. The outer jacket color is gray and made of LSZH-compound.

Wire diameter has become a little bit thinner in comparison with wire diameter of standard models. Nonetheless, new ES Patch Cords meet all required standards. And the price is great as never before.

Now available!
Two more models are expected.