What association appears when you hear about NIKOMAX? Of course, this is a wide variety of cables and accessories to them. But NIKOMAX knows how to surprise you.

And now, the first NIKOMAX telecommunication cabinets are ready to please you with their quality, functionality and design. In the article below, we have highlighted the main information and characteristics of new products. You can download the full catalog using this link.

But first things first.

Telecommunication cabinets are designed to accommodate active and passive equipment inside office and technical rooms.

NIKOMAX offers two different types of telecommunication cabinets:

  • wall-mounted (the depths of 450 and 600 mm);
  • floor-standing (the heights of 18, 24, 26 and 42U and depths of 600 and 800 mm).

Their operation is allowed in enclosed spaces at a temperature from + 1 °C to + 40 °C and relative humidity of the air up to 80% at a temperature of + 25 °C.


Part number definition:

  • XX - Number of Units
  • 60 - Width
  • XX - Depth
  • G - Door type (G-glass, M-metal)
  • GY - Color (GY-grey)

The NMR-XX60XX-G-GY one section wall-mounted cabinet kit includes:

  • The all-welded frame, which provides greater inflexibility and load capacity.
  • 2 pairs of rails with wear-resistant dot peen marking, supplemented by reinforced corners to support heavy equipment;
  • The panel for wall mounting located on the cabinet back wall;
  • Ventilation holes equipped with removable plugs;
  • 220 degrees door opening angle;
  • The quick-detachable side walls and front door provided for to install the equipment into the cabinet.

The main features of the NMR-XX60XX-GMMM-GY floor-standing cabinet:

  • The high load capacity (800 kg) achieved thanks to all-welded frames;
  • Lock handles of the both doors (glass and full-metal). The doors can be easily replaced and swapped, as well as opened by 220 degrees;
  • The side walls are fixed with latches and optionally can be equipped with locks;
  • The adjustable legs and roller bearings;
  • The roof perforation designed for passive cooling of installed equipment;
  • The rails with wear-resistant dot peen marking, and their oval 19-inch holes allow to adjust the required installation depth;
  • A large number of cable entries closed with removable plugs.

NMR-XX60XX-G-GY is delivered assembled in a cardboard box

NMR-XX60XX-GMMM-GY is delivered unassembled in 3 boxes

For cooling equipment housed in cabinets, NIKOMAX offers fan unit NMR-FANX-XXX-XX, supplied with chrome-plated protective grate and fasteners. Blocks for 2 and 4 fans also include a power cord.

Fixed shelves NMR-SHFS-XXX-GY with a perforated surface that better removes heat from the installed equipment, can be installed in 2 positions. In addition, the shelves have several reinforcing folds to provide high structural rigidity and bearing capacity. And the adjustment grooves make it possible to smoothly adjust in depth.

  • Х - Number of Fans
  • XХХ - Depth
  • XX - Color
  • XXX - Depth
  • GY - Color (GY-grey)

The brush entry NMR-BRSH-F-XX for floor-standing cabinets is supplied with fasteners and has a metal edging the same color as the cabinet. Thanks to 2 hard-textured brushes, the input reliably protects the equipment from dust.

The brush entry NMR-BRSH-W-BK for wall-mounted cabinets has a snap catching design and is installed without the use of fasteners, with a standard snap catches. The shape of the brush entry allows installation without reconnecting the cable already laid.

  • F - For Floor-standing
  • - Color
  • W - For Wall-mounted
  • BK - Color (BK-black)

And at the end of the article we would like to say a few words about our production facilities. We cooperate only with large factories that have established themselves over a long period of existence as a reliable supplier of quality products. Their manufacturing capabilities, as well as all the engineering power concentrated in the depths of our design department, breathe life into faceless drawings. We turn ideas into ready-made constructs that meet the highest quality standards and a demanding word of technology.

Have we managed to surprise you? We suppose, the answer is positive. NIKOMAX NMR Series is here to provide thoughtful design at affordable price. And we believe that somewhere in the nearest future when you hear about NIKOMAX, telecommunication cabinets will be among associations as well.