A project does not always require a solution based on shielded components. That's why NIKOMAX is glad to announce that 4th Series has adopted new model of cat.6A unshielded cable for indoor application. Meet NKL 4155C-IB.

Part number definition

  • 4 - pairs quantity
  • 1 - U/UTP (construction type)
  • 5 - 6A (category)
  • 5 - 500 m (length)
  • C - LSZH (jacket material)
  • IB - Ice Blue (jacket color)

What are cat.6A cables main features?

The cat.6A cables are designed for deployment projects of any scale with possibility to provide system warranty up to 15 years*. Together with other cat.6A components the cables are able to transfer information at 10 Gbit/s speed in 100-meter long cable segment.

*The NIKOMAX System Warranty Terms & Conditions as well as markets’ rules and requirements vary from country to country. For more information, please refer to your local NIKOMAX representative.

A few words on cable jacket

First of all the jacket is made of LSZH-compound in the ice blue color. Moreover its inner side is ribbed, that increases distance between twisted pairs of neighbouring cables in a group laying, minimizing crosstalks.

New cable is available in Singapore and delivired on a reliable plywood drum.