NIKOMAX Patch Panels range have welcomed a brand-new model represented by NMC-RP24-BLANK-AG-1U-MT with the angled and modular design.

The new Patch Panel is made of 1.5 mm steel, galvanized with nickel for better shielding from electromagnetic interference. NMC-RP24-BLANK-AG-1U-MT has a 1U height frame which counts 24 nests for Keystone Jacks.

Part number definition

  • RP - 19" (patch panel type)
  • 24 - 24 (ports quantity)
  • BLANK - snap-in (construction type)
  • AG - Angled (series)
  • 1U - 1U (height)
  • MT - metallic (color)

What are the new Patch Panel main features?

NMC-RP24-BLANK-AG-1U-MT consists of two equal parts, connected at a specific angle to provide a safe bend radius of switched Patch Cords.

Due to Patch Cords spreading to the sides there is no need in horizontal cable organizers what benefits more free space in telecommunication cabinets or racks instead.

As for the modular design, it allows combining Keystone Jacks of different categories and construction types on a single frame.

Branded packaging

About packaging

Together with a ground wire, the Patch Panel is wrapped in an air-bubble packing, while the detachable cable organizer for accurate cables managing is packaged aside in a plastic bag. Further, all elements including fastener assembly, cable ties, and a user manual for a convenient and easy installation are placed in a three-ply branded cardboard box.

Available in Singapore