Meet NIKOMAX In-line Couplers, a brand-new product, which is an essential element of network infrastructure. The Couplers are represented with two models: unshielded category 6 and shielded category 6A.

"How about the category 5e?" - you might ask. Well, let us explain. NIKOMAX Couplers have a special thoughtful design, which allows using them not only with cables of the same categories but also with ones of lower categories. In other words, NMC-KJSA55C-MT and NMC-KJUE55C-WT cover almost the whole range of NIKOLAN cables.

Part number definition

  • U/S – unshielded / shielded (Construction type)
  • D/E/A – 6/6A (category)
  • 55 – RJ45-RJ45 (Connector type)
  • C – Coupler (Keystone jack type)
  • WT/MT – white / metallic (Color)

What are their benefits?

The In-line Couplers are widely used when the project requires an extension of Patch Cords length or as a temporary solution while fixing a damaged cable line.

It requires two simple actions: switch Patch Cords or terminated cables on both sides of the Coupler, and the connection is on!

About packaging

Every Coupler is packaged in a branded polyethylene package.

Available in Singapore.