Have you already met the unshielded cable NKL 4155C-IB Cat. 6a? We are happy to present its perfect match (as if they both are cut from the same cloth) — the NMC-RP24UA2-1U-BK patch panel.

Together, they make an excellent solution for systems where shielded construction is not necessary. So, a little bit more about the panel.

The front of the panel

The back of the panel

The brand new patch panel is of a fixed type, has a standard height of 1U, and is made according with the best NIKOMAX tradition — quality.

  • The gold plating of the contacts contains about 50 micro-inches of gold and allows making at least 750 insertion/extraction cycles during operation period.
  • IDC contacts are universally applicable and compatible with both 110 type and KRONE type knives. Moreover, we recommend using the NMC-315DR tool for simultaneous termination of 4 pairs of wires. We know that time is precious, and this tool helps to save it.
  • All ports are numbered. There are also additional areas with flap covers for labeling the ports.

Don’t be worried about accessories because they come with the panel. The hardware kit includes screws, washers and nuts. In other words, everything that you may need for panel installation into a 19" cabinet or rack. Nylon cable ties, detachable durable metal organizer and instructions are included in the standard set.

The NMC-RP24UA2-1U-BK is hot and ready for sale!