Q: I am an End Customer. How can I buy NIKOMAX products?

  • A: Please visit our Contact Us page and utilize any available method to get in touch with us. We will assist you by recommending the most suitable means of communication for your specific needs.

Q: I am a system integrator. How can I use NIKOMAX products in my projects and offer a System Warranty to my clients?

  • A: We encourage you to visit our Contact Us page and reach out to us. We will assist you throughout the process, which involves completing our NIKOMAX Cabling Systems Authorized Course, passing the examination, and acquiring the authorization to design, install, and certify the system with a 25-year warranty. This process is highly valuable and significant, yet not overly challenging.

Q: I am not sure that NIKOMAX product are suitable for my network.

  • A: We welcome all your inquiries and concerns. Our experienced team is readily available to offer product feature consultations, provide insights on performance, and share our best practices for implementation. We will carefully consider your specific requirements, budget constraints, and other significant factors in order to recommend a tailored selection of NIKOMAX products that best suit your needs. Please do not hesitate to Contact Us.