Tayle invites specialists with the appropriate NIKOMAX certificate for the end of the expired or expired validity term for the course "Recertification of NIKOMAX SCS specialists". On training, you refresh existing knowledge and update the installer certificate.

Whom do we invite to the training?

  • • Engineers
  • • Team Leaders
  • • Installers
  • • IT professionals
  • • Project Managers
  • • Purchasing and sales managers

The only condition for participation is a certificate obtained at the training course "Comprehensive NIKOMAX SCS program" or "NIKOMAX SCS-Basic" two or three years ago, the validity of which is coming to an end or has already ended.

What awaits you?

  • • Composition and regulatory framework of SCS;
  • • Product block (NIKOMAX components);
  • • Experience of using NIKOMAX SCS;
  • • Basics of design and installation of SCS;
  • • Terms and conditions for obtaining a system guarantee
  • • Questions - answers

How does the training work?

The course takes place in a webinar format

The webinar is an on-line event , organized via the Internet in real time. Webinar technology allows you to connect to a communication session from one to several dozen participants. Communication with other actors on-line meetings or presentations takes place via the network using the special GoToWebinar platform.

Listeners are connected to the training, while being at their computer at home, or at the workplace. And in such familiar comfortable conditions listen to the lecturer, interacting in it and writing, and verbally (note that you will need headphones with a microphone).

Duration of training - 3 hours, from 10:00 to 13:00.

The maximum number of participants in the group is 25 people.

The cost of training one student is 4,000 rubles. (VAT included).

Please note!

The GoToWebinar platform does not support Windows Vista, Windows XP and earlier operating systems.

Having studied the course "Recertification of NIKOMAX SCS specialists", you will receive:

  • • A valid certificate confirming that the trained specialist has the necessary skills to design, install and maintain NIKOMAX SCS based on copper and fiber components
  • • A certificate for the company that he represents, confirming that she is an authorized installer and has the right to design, install and maintain NIKOMAX SCS with a system warranty from the manufacturer for a period of 25 years
  • • Set of closing documents: account, FRT, certificate of acceptance of services rendered, contract
  • • Possibility to use technical advice from Tayle's qualified experts during the validity period of the certificates (2 years);
  • • Display on the official site of NIKOMAX (www.nikomax-global.com) information that your company is an authorized certified SCS installer
After receiving your application, the sales person will contact you, confirm the registration and give the date of the nearest course

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