You may not have NIKOMAX Toolkit yet..

But you will be more Efficient as Cable Installer if you get one today!

Do you know what distinguishes an excellent cable installer from an ordinary one?

If you are reading this, I guess you either do cable installations or you are keen to do it, aren’t you? So, have you ever asked yourself if a certain tool influences the installation quality?

Yes. It so does! You can’t even punch a nail without a proper hummer. Needless to say if we talk about network installation the right tools are the key to make it work first and highly important to achieve its maximum performance.

I have been doing NIKOMAX cabling system for more than 15 years. I’ve developed it to meet all the demands of cable installers and end customers. Now NIKOMAX works with more than 1250 cable installers around the world. We have got enough experience for developing a professional toolkit to cater cable installers’ needs.

NIKOMAX Toolkit is a great thing. It will help you to install copper cable network professionally and make it highly efficient.

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Let’s look what you will have.

A crimping tool

The tool is in charge of crimping Registered Jack (RJ) type connectors (RJ45/8P8C, RJ12/6P6C and RJ11/6P4C) on telephone and data transmission cables and stripping flat cables as well. The tool is referred to a professional type due to its parallel crimping action.

A stripper

Which is responsible for removing a cable jacket. The special adjustable knob, regulating the cutting depth of knife, makes the process easier and more accurate and helps to avoid the damage of conductors’ insulation.

An efficient punch down tool

The tool provides a required punch for the termination and cutting off the excessing conductors. Adjustable Hi-Low impact dial offers two convenient operation modes. The set of the Tool includes two exchangeable blades: 110 Type (NMC-14TA) and Krone Type (NMC-14TBK).

A special Fixing Aid

for tight fixation of Keystone Jacks during a termination process. It’s compatible with both 180 and 90 degrees types of Keystone Jack.

RJ45/8P8C Plugs, Cable Boots and screwdriver

Cat.6, UTP with inserts. The Plugs are designed as standardized interface for termination of solid and stranded (patch cords) cables and are used in patch cords production, for connecting cameras and some other networking equipment.

Cable boots which would be of great help for protecting the RJ45 Plugs from mechanical influences. The Boots have a unique form-factor which doesn’t increase plug’s dimensions. It makes it possible to apply the Boots with any patch-panels, including the ones with high density of the ports. The Boot’s body perfectly matches up with the cables of any color due to transparent plastic material, which the Boots are made of.

Additional screwdriver is must have tool on any installation site just in case.

All of these tools you can get in one case for just SGD 193 (GST included) with FREE shipping to you if you are in Singapore (how you can save read below).

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But that is not all.

If you order this toolkit Today you will also get a branded NIKOMAX Installer cable tester (worth SGD 23+). This is highly convenient tiny tool for installation. And all this for just SGD 193 (GST included) with FREE shipping to you if you are in Singapore

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order right now by calling +65 6386 2082
or filling in the form at the right.

I promised you the way you could save?
We love it in Singapore, don't we? :)

Yes. Well..

You can get this nice toolkit and save SGD 33 if you order by calling +65 6386 2082 right now and picking it up by yourself at our office.

So the final price will be SGD 160 (include GST). Yes, you will still receive a branded NIKOMAX Installer cable tester with this purchase. Do not worry.

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P.S. Frankly speaking the toolkit is not the only secret of the perfect installation. Besides the tools you need the knowledge of how to use each of them.

Training in progress
Training in progress
Certificate of Training Completion

NIKOMAX Cabling System Authorized Course will assist you in gaining all the required knowledge for proper installation. Your personal FREE invitation to our March Certified Courses is included with the purchase of NIKOMAX toolkit.
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Igor Belousov