System Warranty

NIKOMAX, a Network Solutions Provider, can provide a 25-year System Warranty directly to the owner of SCS. The essence of the System Warranty is that NIKOMAX guarantees the maintenance of the operating characteristics of the conductive lines and the compliance of their functional parameters with the requirements of international standards for 25 years from the date of registration of the warranty certificate.


Warranty Terms

A 25-year system warranty on NIKOMAX SCS is provided under the following conditions:

• Design, installation and testing of the structured cabling system NIKOMAX was carried out by a certified installer.

• The structured cabling system uses only components that are part of NIKOMAX components list and which have been purchased from authorized partners or NIKOMAX, which have the right to provide extended warranties for them.

• Compliance of the test results with the established standards and the correctness of the document filling is confirmed by the NIKOMAX SCS.

• A certificate was issued to the owner of NIKOMAX SCS, which confirms the correctness of the developed project, the quality of installation and compliance of the line characteristics with the international standard ISO / IEC 11801-2002.