NIKOMAX winning hearts on Securika

NIKOMAX winning hearts on Securika

Article 1 June 2022

The Expo that warms our souls

We will never miss the opportunity to share our latest developments from NIKOMAX with our colleagues in IT field. That is why in April NIKOMAX specialists from different regions of Russia traditionally gathered in Moscow to participate in the largest exhibition of security and fire protection equipment and products in the Russian Federation – Securika Moscow 2022.

That expo was held from 12 to 15 April. Despite some tough period Securika welcomed participants of 190 companies from 8 countries and over 17 000 visitors from 30 countries worldwide.

Five minutes before

Full house!

Presenting NIKOMAX AIM (Automated Infrastructure Management system)

Coffee break

The NIKOMAX team had although small, but very cozy stand. There we strived not only to present our products, but also to create a comfortable atmosphere. During that event our experienced managers communicated with a countless amount of NIKOMAX potential and constant customers. Here is a little piece of advice from them – conversation goes better if accompanied with a warm coffee cup and soft biscuits. Perhaps, these are the best tools for business networking when the hustle and bustle of Expo is all around you.

Our stand was rich in showcased solutions. Only our complex solution was already worth seeing. Three brands joined their forces in it to provide a reliable product to your server room. It includes everything required in SCS, namely:

  • NIKOMAX high-bandwidth cables, 100% compatible with one another SCS components (Patch Panels, Patch Cords, Keystone Jacks, etc.), and our Automated Infrastructure Management system on top;
  • Active equipment from GIGALINK, which will breathe life into your network infrastructure with different Switches, Uninterrupted power supplies, etc.;
  • Telecommunication cabinets and accessories of TLK which will always protect the equipment and create comfortable atmosphere within the cabinet.

Of course, many of visitors were already acquainted with NIKOMAX products. But at our stand there was something really impressive and useful waiting for them – indeed a perfect organization of NIKOLAN cables with colorful nylon and Velcro ties inside the TLK cabinet. That’s why throughout the event our specialists received numerous “That’s how it should be done!” exclamations.

NIKOMAX pre-made complete SCS solution

"That’s how it should be done!”

Truth to be said, the cable management itself still to these days receives extremely little attention. However, let’s not forget that the quality level of installations works directly affects the performance of the whole system. That's why Structured Cabling System (SCS) requires not only high-quality products but also professional installers. And for this reason we recommended our visitors to take NIKOMAX SCS Course, where we give the most relevant knowledge in design and installation of SCS. And, of course, if you want – you also can attend this course.

Alongside activities near our stand we also participated in an interesting panel discussion «Security market and sanctions. What to expect and what to do?». The main speaker from NIKOMAX was Igor Belousov, executive director of Tayle (a parent company, representative office, and the largest distributor of NIKOMAX in Russia). Speakers from different companies shared their experiences, forecasts, and opinions on work and business processes in the present circumstances.

At the business discussion

Security market is in good hands

At the end of the day, the Securika 2022 was pretty cheerful and fruitful for us. During the Expo our NIKOMAX team (sales managers, marketing managers, technical specialists) managed to make contacts with more than 350 potential clients, with whom we hope to mutually cooperate for many years.

And from now on we will start preparing for new Securika Moscow 2023. Hope to see you there!