Catch two birds with one Faceplate

Catch two birds with one Faceplate

Article 9 November 2020

Stylish and reliable

The structured cabling system is beyond telecommunication cabinets which are full of network components and hidden in server rooms. Its lines penetrate every single room in an office. And users encounter them in their workplaces.


Indeed, we spend most of our lives there. You feel more comfortable and focused when spending time in a pleasant working environment which is well-organized and keeps a single style. Plenty of different components are applied to complete this mission. We offer you to include one more in your list – a new NMC-PV2MH-WW, construction- and color-compatible with Valena system.

NMC-PV2MH-WW consists of mounting and adapter frames. This combination assists in easy switching from Valena to Mosaic thus making possible the use of NIKOMAX Keystone Jacks. Thereby the new NIKOMAX frame duo allows not only keeping the single style within an office but also provides a possibility of NIKOMAX system warranty (if all conditions are met). In other words, you catch two birds with NMC-PV2MH-WW.

Available for European market.